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Resident Evil Matchmaker
...till death do us part
Bleeding Heart 
23rd-Jun-2008 08:43 pm
Hojo ♥


Just for the record

Name: Rowan Hawes
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Would you like to be paired with a male or a female character? Male preferably
Do you prefer characters from the games, the movies or the books? Games

Describe yourself in...
...three adjectives  Independent, arrogant and patient
...three nouns Pimp cane, book and jelly beans
...three verbs Singing, talking and sailing

You’d rather want your partner to be...

optimistic or pessimistic: A realist, I like someone who views the situation for what it really is, overly optimistic or pessimistic people annoy me but either is fine in moderation.
mature or immature: Mature, immature people make me feel like a babysitter.
quiet or loud: Someone who is comfortable with their own company and isn't afraid of silence, but can hold a conversation when the need arises.
rude or polite: I don't mind what they are like in private but they should at least be vaguely polite in public or at least not embarrasingly rude.
violent or peaceful: Violent people who are violent for the sake of being violent don't earn much respect from me, but pascifists probably wouldn't get on with me either, sp perhaps someone in between.
dominant or submissive: Dominant definately, I myself am quite dominant but contrary to popular opinion I do not want to dominate
selfish or altruistic: Selfish, if they were an altruist it would make me look bad
a leader or follower: A leader but someone who doesn't need other people
the hero or villain: Probably a villain but someone who believes in themselves and their ideals.
doing lab work or field world: I don't mind either, as long as they come home clean and punctually I don't mind


Name one quality in a man/woman that guarantees him/her your instant affection. Independence, I hate clingy people who need people around them. This is closely followed by tidyness, cleanliness, intelligent, sophistication, punctuality and an ability to keep private/public life seperate but overall independence wins out.

Name one quality in a man/woman that guarantees him/her your instant rejection. Inability to think for themselves, if they do whatever I tell them, then I know that they are a weak person and I won't really like or respect them.

Where are you most likely to meet each other for the first time? Perhaps at work

Who makes the first move? ... I am not fussy, if I am drunk I am sure I would but I am not very good at admitting my feelings so otherwise he would have to.

Fancy dinner time. Who ends up paying? Split the bill, I am democratic by nature

Happy Birthday!! But wait, your partner forgot! What now, what now? No big deal, everyone makes a mistake.

100% genuine Resident Evil scenarios

When the two of you are trapped in a monster-infested mansion, he/she will most likely… Hopefully think of a way out

You find out that your partner intends to betray his/her comrades/company. Do you support him/her? Try to talk him/her out of it? Tell his/her comrades/company? Do nothing? Or something else entirely? I would support them in whatever decision they made, even if it meant leaving me, because at the end of the day it is their own choice and nothing I will say will probably make much difference.

Your partner announces that he/she will fight injustice and take down Umbrella for good / restore Umbrella to its former glory and take over the world. Your opinion on this? ... Thats nice if it makes them happy ♥

Your partner finally believes to have perfected his/her precious virus. However, he/she insists on testing it on himself/herself. In addition he/she needs to remain in cryogenic sleep for 15 years. What do you do? Ask them if they are 100% sure it will work and if they are, make my own plans for the next 15 years.

Your partner is slightly obsessed with his/her pets. You know, ants, leeches, parasites – cute little things along those lines. Does this affect your relationship in any way? No, I would just probably live in a seperate house

Your partner has been infected with the T-Virus. How do you react? Not have anything more to do with them

You have been infected with the T-Virus. How do you expect your partner to react? ... Not have anything more to do with me

In the end

Which Resident Evil character do you think you’re least compatible with and why? Mendez probably, I don't my personality would fit with his and I doubt even less that he is sophisticated or appreciates silence.

And lastly, please pick a song or quote to describe your ideal relationship. I am really tempted to say Nine Inch Nails - Closer, if only for the fact that that song brings back memories.

This is the point where you include three shiny links to unstamped applications you've voted on.

Everyone else was stamped ♥


24th-Jun-2008 02:43 pm (UTC)
I dunno why but i see you with Billy Coen
Even though he's not a villain.. nor selfish... I totally got the idea with Closer of NiN.. ( don't ask me why that song reminds me of him ) And a mature leader.. I think I'll go with him...

please don't hit me. XD
7th-Sep-2008 07:14 pm (UTC)
Osmond Saddler He's mature, a villian who believes in his ideals but also is well mannered, neither a pacifist or excessively violent. He can stand alone fine, he has subordinates but not particularly equals. Dominant and likely to make the first move but is impressed by people with a dominant nature also.
8th-Sep-2008 05:37 pm (UTC)
You said you would like your partner being mature, dominant, selfish, a leader and a villain. You're patient and I think he'd better be as well.
You're arrogant and I think you cannot stand your partner if he's an arrogant either.
So I vote to William Birkin.
10th-Sep-2008 08:05 pm (UTC)
Haha, I sort of see him as THE ideal person for someone who appreciates silence and sophistication. (Honestly, what he lacks for in dialogue he makes up with his book collection. Yum.)
But anyway, I'm just trailing off a bit and there's no point in elaborating since you don't want to be with him, not to mention that he's not the one to come to my mind anyway.

So who does come to my mind? Well, we've got the tie between Billy, William and Saddler, so...

"...as long as they come home clean and punctually I don't mind" It seems that while you definitely value an independent partner you do actually want to spend some time with them. Dr. Birkin does match your likes quite a bit, but I'm afraid he would be too caught up in his work to go for a nice public night out.

Billy Coen also matches your this and thats, however I think he might set to clingy once a relationship gets to him, not to mention that I'm not sure if he could keep up the level of sophistication you require.

Osmund Saddler on the other hand, being the charismatic cult leader he has promoted himself to be, is all in for a public display of manners and sophistication. He believes in himself and his ideals without a shadow of doubt, is a dominant leader but still chooses parasites words over violence whenever possible. He might sometimes believe in himself too strongly, which would go against your wish for a realist, however other than that I hardly see anything in your preferences or dislikes that would rule him out strongly. So yeah, the Lord it it is.
10th-Sep-2008 08:08 pm (UTC) - STAMPED!

Please save the stamp to your own server and thank you very much for your participation!
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