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Resident Evil Matchmaker
...till death do us part
Don't worry, I LET my boyfriend give me that nasty bite ;) 
14th-Mar-2008 12:02 pm
Resident Evil//Marhawa Desire/Piers

Just for the record

Name: Holly.
Age: 24.
Gender: F.
Now please include the links to three unstamped applications you've voted on.

Only found two (and you get no fancy link because I'm on my Sidekick, meh:
And they call it puppy love...

Do you currently have any pets? If so, tell us a bit about them if you like. I have the greatest kitty in the world, his name is Jazz. He has the most loving kindest soul in the world, he's very photogenic and makes me laugh! The weird thing is I grew up a dog person (I adore puppies) but Jazz has a very dog-like loyal personality.

So you walk into Umbrella's brand new pet store. Without actually naming the pet you say: "Excuse me, I'm looking for something...": With a long tongue and/or tentacles, and can generally find food for itself but will come to me if I wave a big chunk of meat at it :)
Do you prefer animals who live in groups or those who keep their own company? Keep their own company, but can get along with their own species in small quantities.
Do you like them diurnal or nocturnal? I'm more of a night person, so let's go with nocturnal.
Does size matter? If so, which one do you prefer? I don't want something small enough that I could accidently roll over on it in bed and smash it (assuming it sleeps with me, lol), or step on it when it gets under my feet in the kitchen.
And how about space? Will you provide a huge estate or keep them in a small cardboard box? They can roam free in the house/yard so long as they leave most of the neighbors alone (unless provoked).

Worse than its bite

How does 'spending time with your pet' look like in your case? Knowing me, I'll just take tons of photos of it and post them everywhere.
And when you're not at home you expect your pet to do what? Wander around in the yard, sleep, I dunno...
Look, a friendly guest has arrived! How does your pet react? It hides.
Assuming the guest was not a friendly one, could your pet guard your place? Sneak attack of death!

Seize the dog!

Are you more of a cat or a dog person? Why? I kind of explained this above, and that would be that I'm a dog person, but I really love animals in general.
By the way, how would you actually call your trusty Umbrella pet? Calling its name, perhaps? But I guess it kind of depends on the pet, some animals just can't be summoned without food bribery.
And lastly, which one Resident Evil creature would you quickly drop at the nearest parking lot, that is to say which one do you least consider a suitable pet for you? Neptune D: I'm scared of drowning or things in dark water, I always hated the sharks the very most.
Anything else you would like to add? Oh please give me a pet that if it should ever turn on me, it'll mutilate me in the most pleasureable and attractive way possible. =P
15th-Mar-2008 06:21 pm (UTC)
Def a Licker ... We all know that.
what could be more attractive than being mutiled by a gigantic sharp tongue???

15th-Mar-2008 07:47 pm (UTC)
*clinks glasses with you*

I'll drink to that!
15th-Mar-2008 08:15 pm (UTC)
oh yes.....
*drools all over your userpic*
21st-Mar-2008 03:09 pm (UTC)
I was torn between Licker or Neptune hmm...but since you want a degree of stealthiness i think Licker would be great for sneaking up on people on the ceiling
30th-Mar-2008 10:59 am (UTC)
Well, leeches and crows are too small, cerberus lacks tentacles (although I think they're sneaky), neptune isn't a favourite...

I can see a licker hiding when guests come round, but only so it can sidle up the walls and attack. I'd say a licker could handle itself for food, too... though not sure how photogenic they are...
31st-Mar-2008 02:16 am (UTC)
Your app screams Licker. It's large enough that you won't step on it, I THINK the little fella's a nocturnal and he's definitely sneaky (*growls to herself*). Yup. Licky-licky-licker.
11th-Apr-2008 02:13 pm (UTC)
...it'll mutilate me in the most pleasureable and attractive way possible
You know, that does very much remind me of a Claire/Licker drawing I came across a long time ago. And I think the Licker is the best we can offer tongue/tentacle wise, though Ivy may be an option there but then again that thing's probably too much of a... yeah well, vegetable for you. The sneak attacks remind me of them too and the hiding on the ceiling and crawling on walls until they strike... I think that'd be a cute thing to have around. Check on the alone vs. group thing too, so go and enjoy that tongue!
11th-Apr-2008 02:13 pm (UTC) - STAMPED!

Please save the stamp to your own server and come back to vote for others!
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